Neha Bagaria – JobsForHer


Mrs. Neha Bagaria, a thirty-six year old entrepreneur with two children and a degree from the University of Pennsylvania is the founder of the revolutionary company JobsForHer. This company helps women find a job in their dream field. She started JobsForHer after she took maternity leave from Kemwell Bio pharma and found how hard it was for mothers to re-enter the work-field. Since then, she has helped countless women find suitable jobs. She has worked with over 6,500 different companies to help women seek employment and is continuing to do so. 


Mrs. Neha Bagaria has truly inspired us to appreciate and give equal opportunities to all. After listening to her success story, we learnt that it’s never too late to be an entrepreneur. The biggest learning for us has been out of the box thinking and challenging the norm. Focus, hardwork and dedication are also extremely essential tools to be a successful entrepreneur. Mrs. Neha Bagaria told us that she started a business that nobody has really done anything in. This taught us that one route to success is identifying a market gap. If you can innovate and create something that people require and that nobody else is doing at the moment, you have a unique brand and product that will raise awareness about your company. It is not about the business, it is all about giving back to society. This is another big learning we took away from this interview. Help others and only then will you grow as a person and company. Lastly, doing what you love with hundred percent passion is of utmost importance.

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