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We are the students of Mallya Aditi International School with a thirst for knowledge.

How we're achieving our vision:

Across India there are so many stalwarts who start their successful businesses with just one spark of vision. Some wonder where this vision stems from and others think about the many challenges they would have to overcome in this fast-paced economy. Their journey through life is interesting and motivating for young students like us to get on the right path towards success.

Thus, we interviewed some such illustrious business personalities from different industries who have overcome the various hurdles that have been thrown at them during their careers, but have made it out flourishing. While listening to their success stories, we were eager to share them with the world and help young and yearning students like us gain some inspiration.


Our vision:

To help navigate the treacherous waters in this ever changing global economy by learning  from successful leaders in their respective industries. 

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